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Writing Email Subject Lines


Writing Email subject lines is one of the most important tasks when writing emails to others, especially to people who you don’t know and to whom you write for the first time. It is important to avoid common mistakes; otherwise your Email may be ignored or even deleted by your recipients.


In this article you’ll learn how to write proper and highly effective Email subject lines while avoiding common mistakes.


Writing Email subject lines is about writing short and precise summaries of your Email messages.  These short lines of text enable your recipients to easily and quickly judge on an email as they browse their long list of incoming messages and decide which messages worth spending their time.


Let’s begin with the “Do” tips:

  • Your subject line’s text should be no longer than 50 characters (Including spaces); otherwise it becomes cumbersome, too long to read and may cut in the middle when displayed on your recipient’s Email client software.

  • Write your Email’s body text first, then the subject line – remember the subject line is a summary of your Email’s body text.

  • Begin the text line with a capital letter, for example: “Following our meeting yesterday” – it is more professional.

  • Make it short, use simple words and right to the point – remember that people are busy.

  • Proofread your subject line and body text for any grammar or spelling mistakes.


“Don’t Do” tips:


  • Never use ‘All CAPS’ as subject line, it may be treated as spam by your recipients.

  • Avoid overusing special characters such as: *** Read this *** or “Read This!!!!!!” - High chances that your message will be ignored by automatic anti-spam systems, otherwise by your recipients.

  • Don’t try to sell anything directly with the subject line, example: “Free Bonus… ”, or “Special 50% off on…” etc. again, high chances that your message will be ignored by automatic anti-spam systems, otherwise by your recipients as most people hate it and will immediately delete it.

  • Never use subject line which is totally unrelated to the Email’s body text, it look bad, unreliable, and your emails will get ignored in the future.

  • Don’t deliver Emails with an empty subject line – it looks suspicious and your recipients may be afraid to open it.

Another important aspect of writing Email subject lines and Emails in general, is avoiding writing with embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes. One small typo or grammar mistake can make the difference between professional, appealing and effective Email and a poor Email message that’ll quickly be ignored or deleted.


It is recommended to use this professional proofreading and grammar software – it’ll automatically proofread any given text for most common grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.


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