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WhiteSmoke Review


WhiteSmoke is the ideal grammar checking software for today’s busy professionals. A review done on the features offered by WhiteSmoke brings out how it stands apart from other grammar checking software solutions.


Reason for this is that it offers advanced features (Patented) not seen in regular grammar checking software or in the grammar, spell-check and text enrichment features present in regular word processing software.


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Quick Review on WhiteSmoke™

Be it an amateur writer, a student whose native language is not English, a corporate executive, legal writer or a medical expert, WhiteSmoke has comprehensive features that caters to the needs of such diverse industries.


If you have a website, say for example: http://www.whitesmoke.com , you need to write out content in a professional way to attract the attention of web visitors and search engines to your site. WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one software solution, which will serve as a perfect English writing, editing and checking tool that can be of great help to any writer at any level when he or she have to submit critical content. 


The developers of WhiteSmoke program have designed this patented writing tool in several different versions so that it can cater in a more personalized way to the nature of work demands in different industries.


Here is a brief review of each of these versions in more details so that you can compare and choose one that is suitable for your requirements:

  • General Writing Version  – This version is the all purpose version and it offers advanced spell-checking and grammar checking features for users. Users can enhance their writing style through its unique text enrichment functionality.

  • Business Writing Version – This version was specifically designed for business people who want to improve their business communication skills by writing professional and impressive text and documents.

  • Medical Writing Version – This version is meant for people working in the medical profession or people who have to write out medical information on a daily basis. Its text enrichment features caters to the medical environment and it quickly corrects grammar and spelling as a user writes.

  • Creative Writing Version – This version is meant for creative writers. Creative writing requires imaginative thought and there is little time to consider finer nuances of sentence construction as words come out. Through the use of this version they can have their work checked for grammar, spelling and words usage as they keep writing away.

  • Legal Writing Version - This version is meant for people working in the legal profession. It checks for grammar, spelling and offers text enrichment suggestions from a legal point of view. This software tool can be highly resourceful when handling luminous legal information.

  • Executive Writing Version – This version is meant for the corporate executive, who has to present highly professional written information, based on which key decisions will be taken. It helps them to check their work in terms of grammar, spelling and offer a text suggestions from various legal and medical fields in addition to business environment.

Each version has it own price tag (Regular price = $79-$150). It is important to know that in terms of price and cost comparison to other similar products on the net, you'll quickly find out that WhiteSmoke offers you the best value for money.


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