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How to Write Email


Email has changed the way we communicate with our environment - The effect that it has on our lives is so powerful that it requires us to use it wisely, mainly when we send that first Email message to recipients with whom we’re contacting for the first time.


How to write email messages that miss their targets

Imagine a situation where you’re replying to a job ad by sending your CV attached. Right after clicking the ‘Send’ button, you’re horrified to notice that your Email contained several embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes. OK, so it was late at night and you were sleepy, problem is that your recipient doesn't know that, and most probably won't even care.


There are many other examples of how to write Email messages that miss their targets and unfortunately sometimes even achieve the opposite results, all because of “minor” and iterating mistakes that could easily have been avoided.


How to write Email messages that achieve their targets


Write an effective subject line

Remember that Subject line is your “Trigger”― it should arouse your recipient’s curiosity, yet avoid ALL UPPERCASE and exclamation marks; you don’t want your message to get deleted because it looks like another SPAM Email. Brief and specific Subject line will do the job, i.e., “Job Offer - Marketing Manager”.


Write personalized Emails

Begin your message by turning to your recipient’s last name - “Dear Mr.

Jones” or “Dear Mrs. Edwards” the first time you communicate with him

or her. It is more polite and respective than – “Hi Joe” or “Hey Helen”.


Introduce yourself

Now it is time to introduce yourself and state the purpose of your

Email, i.e., “My name is Steve Edwards. I’m contacting you concerning

job offer #647. I would be an asset to your marketing team. Please find

my attached CV.”


Being focused

Before you even start thinking of how to write Email messages to other

people, always remember that most people are busy—they receive

plenty of Emails each day and most likely will devote only few seconds

to yours.


Make sure you state your most relevant and interesting information



Keep it brief

Do you like reading long Emails? Most probably not…, and so are your

recipients. Get straight to the point, use short paragraphs (No more

than 3 to 5 sentences) – it makes your text more comfortable to read.


Leave your contact details

Close your Email message by thanking the recipients for their time and

gently prod them for a reciprocating action, i.e., “I look forward to

hearing from you soon”.


Personal signature

Many Email client programs enable you to compose a personal signature that gets automatically added to all your Emails. It should read:


Steve Edwards, Marketing Manager

Tel. +555-7654321
Fax +555-7654378


How to write email messages and avoid grammar errors


It is recommended not to rely on your Email client’s automatic spell

check tool. Even “minor” spelling or grammar errors can blow it for you:

proofread the Email yourself, making sure you’ve used proper

punctuation, spelling, and grammar.


An elite patent pending grammar software can help on

proofreading your Emails, it will automatically check for any spelling or

grammar errors, and suggest punctuation check, advanced online spell

check, online synonyms dictionary, sentence diagramming and much



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