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English Writing Tips :: Business


How to Write Business Letters


Business letters should be well-worded and precise because after all you will be using it to effectively communicate with clients and partners. It should be written in the right style and its contents must convey information in an easy-to-understand manner.


Following are a list of points to follow when writing business letters:

  • Begin your letters with your heading. In this part, you should include your business name and address.  Following this must be the date. Mentioning the date is very important as you may have to refer to this letter later.

  • When you begin the body of your business letters, you should state the purpose of each letter. While presenting the purpose, point to a reference made by the person to whom your letters are addressed. For example, ‘I am writing this letter to bring notice ….. and this is with reference to our phone conversation.

  • Content in the body of your business letters should be precise, brief and to-the-point. If you have to make a request, such as 'I request you to send a copy of the advertisement ...' - place it at the end of the letter body.

  • After completing the letter body, close it with a thank you and then a salutation such as 'Yours Sincerely’, or ‘Yours Truly’.

  • Place spacing, and then put down your full name and business title.

  • Your signature must be placed, in the spacing between salutation and your full name and business title.

However, when you write business letters, you need to ensure that every sentence you write is grammatically correct, free of punctuation errors and spelling mistakes. This can be done effectively by checking your business letters using a professional grammar check software.


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