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How to Write a Business Email


Writing a business Email is another great way to beef up your inter-personal and business communication skills. Business email is a new form of communication which has been developed rapidly in the last decade until it became a vital part of almost any business’s B to B and B to C communications tool.  Writing an Email is easier than speaking in public – furthermore, legitimate Email marketing is a great way for brands to deliver their message to potential customers and business partners.


There are few rules and tips you should keep in mind while using Email as a business communication tool:

  • Writing business email is simple if you keep it short and explain your purpose clearly and straight to the point. 

  • When you receive a business Email it is highly recommended to reply with an answer within 24 hours max.

  • Emails are records and must be retained as evidence of business activity – always keep a backup of your Emails for future reference and/or legal issues.

  • From a marketing perspective, businesses Emails that contain a product photo usually generate higher response rates than plain text messages with no photos.

  • Highly Important! - Remember that writing an Email is like writing a message on a postcard, take in mind that any of your Emails could easily be forwarded by your recipient to other recipients whom you never intended to deliver your message to…

Business Email is not just about distributing your content and having a direct communication with your subscribers; it is a powerful inter-personal communication tool that should be handled with care.


It is recommended not to rely on your Email client’s automatic spell check tool. Even “minor” spelling or grammar errors can blow it for you: proofread the Email yourself, making sure you’ve used proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.


The elite patented grammar software can help on proofreading your Emails, it will automatically check for any spelling or grammar errors, and suggest punctuation check, advanced online spell check, online synonyms dictionary, sentence diagramming and much more.


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