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How to Write a Good CV


The path that will take you to an appealing job offer always starts―and unfortunately many times ends―with your CV (Resume). It usually takes a busy HR manager only seconds to review your CV among other CVs, and make a decision: In those critical moments, only your writing skills influence his or her decision.


Therefore, thereís no question that a professionally written, creative and trustworthy CV significantly increases your chances of gaining an interview for that appealing job.


CV Writing and Advanced Grammar Software

Some motivated software developers took English writing to the next level, developing sophisticated, self-learning elite grammar software; this patent pending software constantly analyzes millions of text segments and documents, maintaining a growing proprietary thesaurus that simulates the human mind, so that the end user is provided with an accurate online grammar check solution.


The elite grammar software's technology compares the analyzed results with the userís selected text―a CV in our example―and performs a series of actions such as automatic language enrichment (using a sophisticated online synonyms dictionary), punctuation checking, spell check and finally grammar correction, eventually transforming a plain boring CV  attractive and professional.


You may find many articles that teach you how to write a good CV while providing you with techniques and other tips, however, eventually it all starts and ends with your writing skills.


Benefits of using this unique English grammar check software to write your CV:

  • Makes your CV stand out from the other CVs piled on the HR managersí desk.

  • Prevents embarrassing grammar or spelling mistakes that can cause you to lose that job offer.

  • Saves you time, as you no longer need to spend hours writing, checking, and rechecking your CV.

  • Your CV will reflect superior professionalism and intelligence.

  • All-in-one writing software that contains all the text editing tools needed to write a professional CV.

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