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How to Write an Executive Summary


Preparing a business plan can take hours of writing, checking, and rechecking; however, no matter how good your business plan is, in most cases, no busy potential investors will bother reading it before reading your executive summary first.


An attractive and professional executive summary significantly increases your chances of grabbing the interest of your potential investors.


The main goal of an executive summary is to summarize your business plan into key points - your most important, interesting and appealing key points, so those who review it can quickly and easily understand what your business plan is all about, and most importantly – why she or he should be interested with what you have to offer.


The following guidelines will help you to prepare an appealing and effective executive summary:


(1)  Keep your executive summary short – no more than two pages.


(2)  Use readable fonts, for example: Verdana font is easy to read on-screen while Times New Roman font is easy on the eye when it is printed.


(3)  Use short headers with no more than five to six words and write them in bold, one pt. font size larger than your body text (body text's font size should be eleven or twelve ).


(4)  Your most interesting and important information should be placed at the beginning of your document; the same way it is being used on a newspaper's front page: Main headline, then sub-headline, and the rest of the text.


(5)  Paragraph's structure – must be short and easy to read (Four to five lines each), verify that your paragraphs contain the most relevant information. Remember – No need to go in deep; if your readers ask for more information, they’ll go straight to your business plan.



Write an Appealing and Professional Executive Summary


If you were a potential investor, would you do business with someone who sent you a boring executive summary written in bad English containing grammar or spelling mistakes?


Fortunately, the elite grammar software enables you to transform your plain executive summary into a rich, attractive and professional document. This unique online grammar checker automatically analyzes your executive summary by using an advanced online grammar and spell checker, to ensure that your document is free of spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.


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