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How to Write a Business Thank You Letter


Most people are not aware of the fact that writing a quick, yet effective business thank you letter, for example to one of your employees who worked overtime last evening or a client who recently ordered one of your company's products can make miracles to your business relationship and increase your successes both in the personal and business aspects.  


The most significant aspect to follow is that the more attention you give, the more personal you are (Well, not too personal!) and your appreciation is more effective. For example, thanking someone by delivering a hand written letter is much more effective than delivering a quick thank you eMail.  


If you want to write an effective business thank you letter, do the following:

  • As mentioned earlier, a hand written letter is much more effective than a printed one it reflects more personal attention.

  • At the beginning of the letter, use the recipient's first name: "Dear Kelly", again, to provide more personal touch.

  • Your body text should take no more than one paragraph (no more than 3-4 line).

  • Phrase the letter yourself in order to make sure your writing is not being too formal.

  • At the end of your letter, thank your recipient again, add your first and last name, so the outcome looks this way:

Dear (Recipient's First Name),

(Paragraph of 3-4 lines)

Thank you,

Kelly Brown.

Before you deliver your letter, it is most important to proofread it. Check your letter for proper punctuation, make sure that you follow English grammar rules, and that you have correct spelling. The last thing you want is to deliver your thank you letter with embarrassing grammar or spelling mistakes. 


It is recommended to use an English grammar software that easily enables you to transforms your English writing professional, polished and rich.


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