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How to Write a Business Invitation Letter


Writing invitation letters to your clients, potential customers, or colleagues to attend your business-related occasions requires careful attention: While great opportunities lie therein, if done improperly, it can cause undesired results that it’s wise to avoid.


When you plan to launch a new product or service, a professional annual conference, or even an Open Day at the office, naturally you want it to succeed and you know that much of its success depend on how many of your invitees show up.


It is difficult to calculate how many of the invitees who receive your business invitation letter will actually attend your occasion. However, it is clear that an attractive and professional invitation brings more invitees, while a poorly worded and unprofessional one at best misses its objective, and may even in some cases harm your business’s reputation, here is an example:


Suppose you’re starting a new English Enrichment Course business. You deliver 2,000 invitations to the grand opening. Right after their delivery, you’re horrified to find an embarrassing spelling or grammar mistake on your invitation…


Follow these guidelines and make your business invitation letter effective:


·     Personal touch – It may require a little more of your effort, however it pays off. Start with the invitee’s first name, i.e., "Dear Robert," it is better and effective than only: "Dear Madam or Sir". After all, we all like to read our names.


·     Keep it brief – Always remember that people are busy; even if they already know you, they all prefer a short invitation that in few seconds answers the following questions: What? When? Where?


·     Think “out-of-the box” – Always think creative, use humor for example - relate it to your business and make your invitees smile, you’ll be surprised how effective it is.


·     Incentives – Are proven to attract people. Invite your invitees to a complimentary lunch or enter them in a prize drawing.


·     Setting a date – When you plan your occasion, plan it as far ahead as possible. Give your invitees the opportunity to keep that date open. Verify that there are no other occasions that day such as major sports events, national holidays, etc.


·     Deliver a printed invitation - It may require a little more of your effort, but again, it pays off. Remember -the more personal your touch, the more invitees you earn.


·     Reminders - Deliver an Email as a reminder 7 and 3 days before the occasion, here is a suggested Subject line for that reminder “Countdown to ABCD Grand Opening - 7 more days!”


·     Proofreading - Check your business invitation letter and recheck it again for any spelling or grammar mistakes. A small embarrassing mistake can blow it all – It is recommended using professional grammar software that automatically proofreads your writing.


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