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How to Write a Business Cover Letter


Business cover letter is simply a letter of introduction, a letter which is sent with a proposal (for example job application resume).  Business cover letters are like first dates--if they immediately impress their reader then they will want to learn more about what you have to propose. 



How to write a business cover letter that answers your needs is depends on the situation, meaning it must be individually written to have the most impact and generate the most response. Here are some common rules for writing an effective cover letter:

  • Write it on company letterhead.

  • Writing style must be direct, to the point, and able to grab the attention of the reader quickly, with a goal of making the reader want to read the rest of the content attached.

  • It's always best to write to a real person with a real title - writing to the person by name gets you remembered.

  • Write it with a friendly style and tone as if you were talking, one-on-one, across the desk to the recipient. 

  • It should never be more than one page and usually not more than 5 paragraphs. 

  • It must be signed by someone in authority other than the applicant.

How to write a business cover letter that achieves its goals is not that complicated, however it is important to write it properly; as it is the ‘salesman’ who gets your resume read and gets you the desired interview. Remember – a business cover letter is sometimes more important than the entire content attached with it.


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

When you write cover letters, it is highly recommended not to rely on your conventional automatic spell checker. Remember - Even “minor” spelling or grammar errors can blow it for you: proofread the cover letter yourself, making sure you’ve used proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.


The elite patented grammar software can help on proofreading your cover letters; it will automatically scan and check for any spelling or grammar errors, and suggest punctuation check, sentence diagramming and much more.


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