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Writing professional and effective legal documents is not a simple task; it demands much time and careful attention. A single word, a phrase, even a comma, can spell the difference between an unprofessional, poorly phrased document and a professional, effective document that can turn an entire verdict around.


The elite grammar software is an unbeatable solution for anyone involved in legal writing, as it enables professional, persuasive, and credible legal writing in all applications (MS Office™, Outlook™, PDF™, Internet Explorer™, and more). This unique solution is perfect for anyone who needs to write professional and accurate legal documents, legal contracts, legal letters, legal memos, and much more.


This advanced grammar and writing software not only corrects your grammar, spelling, and punctuation based on its patent-pending, self-learning engine; together with its unique legal libraries and dictionaries, it simply transforms the level of your legal writing and with it your entire legal writing experience.


Moreover, elite grammar software's Legal Writing Edition offers you a wide selection of tips and professional legal templates designed for any legal writing purpose, yet using the strictest legal writing formats for:



·         Formal legal correspondence

·         Affidavits

·         Contracts

·         Disclaimers

·         Opinions

·         Proposals

·         Waivers

·         Briefs

·         Research summaries

·         Reports

·         Wills and testaments

·         Memos

·         Responses

·         Depositions


Instead of expending valuable time and money on legal writing courses and seminars, simply install the elite grammar software and consider it your personal legal writing training guide. Watch how with almost no effort on your part, your legal and business writing becomes that good; moreover, your legal writing skills will improve―immediately.


If you consider yourself a professional in your industry, make sure your English writing is professional as well.


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