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Glossary :: Punctuation




One of the most important punctuation marks which is placed on the baseline of the text is the Comma – “,”.


We use commas in English writing in order to separate between different parts or segments in sentences, transforming them clear and comprehensible. Unfortunately, for many people, placing commas becomes guesswork.


Can you imagine writing English without using a single comma…? In early days of writing that was the situation and reading became a nightmare.


The use of comma marks a brief pause in the flow of our thoughts, and most importantly, makes our writing effective and easy to read. The following guidelines will help you with the use of comma. Use a comma:


1.      When you have more than 3 phrases, words, or clauses in a series. i.e., “Dan, Jenny, and Arnold took the subway.”


2.      To separate between geographical locations, i.e., “Los-Angeles, California”.


3.      After introductory words, clauses, or phrases that precede the main clause. Introductory clauses that should be followed by a comma include: while, since, after, because, as, although, if and when.


i.e., “While I was cocking, the power suddenly cut off”.


4.      To separate independent clauses when they’re joined by any of the following words: for, so, but, and, yet, nor, or. i.e., “The game was over, yet the players kept playing on court.”


5.      In order to prevent confusion and make the sentence clear, i.e., “Eats Drinks and Leaves” vs. “Eats, Drinks, and Leaves”.


6.      In order to separate between, phrases, words and clauses in the middle of a sentence that are not crucial to the logic of that sentence, i.e, “My favorite food, aside from pizza, is French fries”.


Important to remember!

Avoid using commas to separate subjects from verbs, or between two verbs or verb phrases in a compound predicate.


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