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Software for Grammar


The elite grammar checking software is one-of-a-kind patented tool that automatically scans your documents for grammatical errors. It brings such errors to your notice and offer suggestions on how they can be removed.


Once you complete scanning your documents through this unique grammar check program, you can be sure of having a document that is correct in all grammatical aspects.


Developing a software for grammar analysis is considered as one of the most complicated and challenging tasks for any software development team. The elite grammar checking software is the outcome of years of development by a leading team of NLP, algorithm, and software experts.


This unique grammar writing and editing tool is based on a dynamic, self-learning mechanism that constantly analyzes millions of words, phrases and sentences while maintaining a growing proprietary database.


Main features and benefits:

  • Patented grammar checker

  • Punctuation and spell checker

  • Comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus

  • Unique text enrichment

  • Translator (18 Languages)

The importance of software for checking grammar is particularly highlighted when you need for example to submit content as part of your college assignments, at work while using it in your marketing material and so on.


If you are in need of quality software for grammar check, look out for the elite grammar checking software. This unique tool offers an all-in-one proofreading and editing solution for today’s busy professionals in a variety of industries.  Its patented natural language processing (NLP) technology offers users the benefits of advanced grammar, spelling and punctuation checking tool.  The software checks as you write and automatically offer text enrichment suggestions that easily transform your writing impressive and professional.


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