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Glossary :: Punctuation


Semicolon in the English Language


Semicolon is a punctuation mark used in the English language and in many other languages. It is denoted by the symbol ‘;’.


In usage, the Semicolon is considered to be at a higher level than the comma. It is used to slow down the reader’s pace in a sentence and make the sentence more understandable to them. Here is a look at the different ways of using the Semicolon:


It is used to separate clauses that have commas.




Steven was born in New England, completed his graduation in Law at Oxford, England; he settled down with his wife and children in the South of France.


It is used to separate statements of contrasts.




This year the rain is heavy; last year it was low.


It is used to separate clauses or phrases that are connected in meaning and therefore cannot be written out as separate sentences.




Last year she was ill; this year her health has taken a turn for the worse.


It is used to enhance the meaning of the i.e abbreviation.




Hall A was exceptionally designed i.e.; the interiors here we so aesthetically done, that others had a hard example to follow with it.


It is used to amplify a word when it is placed in front of a phrase that further explains it.




The city has four major business unit; namely, North Unit, South Unit, East Unit, and West Unit.


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