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Glossary :: Punctuation


Quotation Marks


Quotations marks are punctuation marks. There are two types of quotation marks – Single Quotation Marks ‘’ and Double Quotation Marks “”. In the United States, preference is given to the Double Quotation Marks “”, but in the United Kingdom, emphasis is placed on the use of both.


Quotations marks are used in several ways.


In writing, when you want to present information spoken by someone else, such information must be placed within quotations marks. Every quote has an opening quotation mark and a closing quotation mark.




She said, “I will be coming tomorrow to buy this new book”.


It is used to bring notice to ironic or apologetic words.




Ryan was just a bit too “fast” is showing his interest in receiving money.


However, when used in this manner, care must be taken because word or words when placed within quotes, can be confused with direct speech. In order to avoid such confusion, some style guides specify the use of single quotation marks for ironic and apologetic words and the use of double quotation marks for direct speech.


It is used to denote usual words, or words used in a different sense than what they are commonly used for, or slang words.




Till the 15th century, it was “thought” that the earth was flat.  – The word in quote is used in a different sense.


The leather jacket has such a “cool” appeal.  “- The word in quote is a slang word.


Quotation marks are also used to denote title of short works.


The Eagle’s Eye” – A Short Story – By Millenne


There are many finer nuances to be observed when using quotation marks in direct speech. For example, when you begin a sentence with a quotation mark, the first letter of the first word must be in capital. When you interrupt direct speech placed within quotation marks in the middle, the second part of the quotation must not begin with a capital letter.


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