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Glossary :: Punctuation


Question Mark in the English Language


Question Mark is a punctuation mark used in the English language and in many other languages.  Question Mark is represented by the symbol of ?.


In English grammar, the question mark is placed at the end of an interrogative sentence. In this context it is used in place of the full-stop or period.




What is your name?

Is this your book?

Could you help me in solving this difficult mathematical problem?

What time does the train arrive in the evening?


You can also see the question mark used at the end of a sentence which is worded like a statement, but which is actually a question.




You paid so much money for this little device, with such few features? 


In a sentence, you may have to put some parts of it into brackets. In such situations the phrases inside the brackets can themselves be questions. Here the question mark is to be place only inside the brackets.




She gave me this brooch, when I went to college (was that 10 years ago or 12?)


While using questions mark, it is important to keep in mind, the following:

  • It must not be placed after a period or full stop. 

  • It can be placed after a period or full stop, only if the period is used in an abbreviation. Example When did she complete her B.Sc.?

  • It must not be used in an indirect question. Example We wondered, if she would really come today.

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