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Glossary :: Grammar


Present Simple Tense


A present simple tense is used to indicate that an action is repeated or conducted usually. This action can be a daily routine, a planned action, hobby or a habit that happens regularly. A present simple tense also expresses an action which a person forgets to do. “Present Simple Tense” adds ‘s’ or ‘es’ to the verb in the third person.


Few examples are:


I play cricket

He does not play cricket

Does she play cricket

The bus leaves every evening at 8 p.m.

The train does not leave at 10.00 a.m.

When does the bus usually leave?

He always forgets his watch.

Does the Earth circle the Sun?


The present simple tense also speaks about facts that remain the same forever. Since a speaker uses this it is not necessary that the fact should be correct. This tense is also used to give a general idea about a person or an object.


Few examples that substantiate the above are:


Cats like milk.

Birds do not like milk.

Do pigs like milk?

Sydney is in Australia.

London is not in America.

Doors are made of wood

Windows are not made of wood.


Present simple tense is used to indicate an idea that an action is occurring or not occurring now.  This is used along with mixed and non continuous verbs.


Few examples are:


I am here now.

He is not here now.

She needs help right now.

She does not need help now.

She has his identity card in his hand.

Do you have your identity card with you?


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