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Glossary :: Punctuation


Period in the English Language


Period or Full Stop is punctuation used in the English language and in many other languages. It is signified by the dot ‘.’. Period in English Grammar is used in many ways.


It is placed at the end of a sentence to convey that the sentence had come to an end.


Here are some examples:


The Capital City of France is Paris.  Paris is also known as ‘The City of Lights’.


Malaysia is a beautiful country. Planning a vacation to this country is a good way to spend time with friends and family.


Periods are placed at the end of sentences which bring out a command.


Here are some examples:


Letters must be posted within Friday next week.


If you encounter any problem when using this device, contact support immediately.


Periods are placed at the end of an indirect question.


Here are some examples:


Steve wondered why Danny had not yet come to meet him.


She asked why the book’s printing was so small.


Periods are placed in abbreviations:


The W.H.O had issued information pertaining to world population.


There was a huge crowd at the F.I.F.A world cup.


Periods are placed in websites names:






While American English uses full stops inside quotation marks, British English does not use it, when it is not part of a quoted sentence. When using a period in English Grammar, it important to not include any space between the last letter and the period. However it is necessary to include one space between the period and the first letter of the next sentence.


The period play is an important aspect in English grammar. If you do not place a period at the end of the sentence, you will have one sentence running into another. Sometimes you may want one sentence to convey particular information, while the next one to convey something different. Without a period in between, the reader will not understand what you are trying to say.  Abbreviations, without periods will just look like odd letters placed together. In a website name, you cannot access the site without the period in between.


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