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Glossary :: Grammar


Past Simple Tense


Past Simple Tense is denoted by the verb + ed or irregular verbs. This tense is used to indicate an event that was started and ended at a particular time in the past. The person who indicates an action may give the exact times but that is hidden in the tense used by the speaker.




You called Kate.

Did you call Kate?

You did not call Kate.

I saw a drama yesterday.

Last year I traveled to Japan.                           

He washed his car.


Past Simple Tense is used to show that an action is completed. A series of past actions are also indicated in a sentence.


I finished my studies, walked to the walkway and found a good restaurant to eat.


Did you add soda, sieve in the flour and then add essence?


Past simple tense indicates events with a longer time frame by adding the actual time taken to complete the event.


For example:


I lived in London for two years.

Craig studied Chinese for six years.

They sat in the park all day.

They did not stay at the function the whole time.


Past Simple Tense also indicates events or habits which ended in the past. These words give the meaning similar to “used to”. Words like always, usually, when I was a child is used to express that the message is about a past habit.


I studied Latin when I was young.

He played the guitar.


Past Simple Tense is also used to explain certain habits which does not exist now.


For example:


She didn’t like apples before.

Cell phone users paid more to make calls in the past.


Past simple tense is important in active / passive voice.


For example:


Leonard repaired the watch.

The watch was repaired by Leonard.


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