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Glossary :: Grammar




The structure, the rules and the way that sentences of a language are constructed is called Grammar. Each language has its own unique Grammar rules - by following these rules, we make our communication through writing easier to understand and effective.


However, when we (probably most of us…) break these rules, our writing may not achieve its goals, it may become difficult to read and understand and sometimes may even achieve undesired results we've never even meant to achieve… 


When writing in English, we need to consider many important aspects in order to transform our writing correct and effective – Here are few issues that we need to consider when we phrase and write our sentences:


·         A Subject – something or someone that does an action.

·         A verb – the action done.

·         Now, subject and verb must agree for tense (past/present/future) and number (singular/plural).

·         Preposition – the relationship between words, like "in", "to" and "with".


Naturally, learning and assimilating the rules of grammar in our English writing is not an easy task, fortunately, technology brings various solutions that can easily help us with our English writing and grammar rules.


The elite grammar software for example is a professional English writing tool that easily transforms any English text rich, accurate and professional. It relies on a patent pending engine that carefully analyzes millions of accurate text phrases, words and sentences―and eventually rolling out an updated online grammar dictionary that compares the user's existing written content with the analyzed results, automatically suggesting corrections.


Moreover, this unique online grammar checker provides the following features as well: online spell checker, automatic proofreading and punctuation checker, unique text enrichment and an online synonyms dictionary.


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