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Glossary :: Grammar


Grammar Check Software


This unique tool enables people to check their writing assignments for grammar mistakes so that they can submit a readable and understandable assignment. If sentence construction is grammatically incorrect, it is difficult to grasp the meaning or sense from the information which is put forth. The result is that writing assignments having such incorrect sentences become neglected.


How does grammar check software work?

Well, first it scans your writing assignment and checks the construction of your sentences against the information stored in it. Grammatical areas such as punctuation, adverbs, verbs and tenses are analyzed, to find if they are placed in the right context within a sentence.


If an analyzed sentence shows incorrect grammar such as the incorrect use of tense or missing punctuation, this program will highlight the problem and offer suggestions on how the sentence can be changed, to bring out the right sense and intended meaning from it.


Grammar check software offers the following benefits:

  • It checks sentence construction and finds out if this is done correctly.

  • It checks punctuations and offers suggestions on where they need to be added.

  • It removes errors in sentence structure such as subject-verb agreement, use of voice, articles, and so on to help make the overall scanned document clean and presentable.

  • It cuts time to deliver in writing an assignment as checking is done automatically and quickly.

When used by publication firms, newspapers, and firms offering content writing services, it can help to cut costs as too many proof readers do not have to be hired to proofread documents. It can help existing staff in their work and prevent them from being overloaded with proofreading work.


If you are seeking quality grammar check software, you need to check out for the elite grammar checker software.


The elite grammar check software offers the best extensive grammar correction features by which your writing assignments would be read well and be impressive to your readers. You can scan a variety of writing with this software such as Business Writing, Creative Writing, Legal Writing, Medical Writing and much more. You gain a lot by being able to cut your time to deliver writing and editing assignments and meet deadlines faster.


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