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Glossary :: Punctuation


Exclamation Point in the English Language


Exclamation Point is a punctuation mark used in the English language and in many other languages. Exclamation Point is represented by the symbol of !.   The exclamation point in English Grammar is used in many ways.


It is used to denote surprise, make a forceful comment or exclamation in a statement.




Hello There!

This is a really big surprise!

You look just great!


It is be used to replace a question mark, in case the expression of surprise has to be emphasized.




Is this what I really waited for so long!

One could behave in such a manner!


If you use an Exclamation Point inside brackets, parentheses, dashes, or quotation marks it applies to the phrases inside these punctuations and not apply outside it.




He tried to undo the lock, but could not and threw down the key (he had tried for at least a dozen times!)


It is significant that one ought to be careful while making use of exclamation points. This is because this punctuation should not be used unless there is the need to create an effect, otherwise it will exaggerate the meaning in a sentence or seem out of place in it. The result is that readers will not be able to understand your intended meaning.


Sometimes, people use the exclamation points to bring notice to humor or irony in a sentence, but doing this is a mistake. Humor or irony should be revealed subtlety and not through emphasis which is what the exclamation point does, when placed in a sentence.


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