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English Verbs


English verbs are tools in English language that denote the time of an action. English verbs are classified into normal verbs, non continuous verbs and mixed verbs. Most of the frequently used verbs in English are Normal Verbs. These verbs denote physical action performed by a person or an object. This flexible verb is used in all forms of tenses. Some of the normal verbs are: to walk, to eat, to read, to run, to speak, to fly, etc.


These verbs occur in sentences like the following examples:


I study everyday

I am studying now


English verbs which are non-continuous verbs form a smaller group. This set of verb is used to speak about things which cannot be seen.  These are not commonly used in continuous tenses. Non continuous verbs may be further classified into abstract verbs, possession verbs and emotion verbs.


Example for Abstract Verbs: to be, to cost, to care, to exist


Example for Possession Verbs: to possess, to belong


Example for Emotion Verbs: to love, to fear, to envy


Incorrect usage in continuous tense: He is needing a favor

Correct sentence: He needs a favor


Third set of English verbs are called mixed verbs which is also a small group. These verbs give more than one meaning to a word. While some verbs mean like non continuous verbs others give a meaning similar to Normal Verbs.


Examples are: to feel, to have, to hear, to see, to appear


Mixed verbs with definition:


To appear:

Jeremy appears confused. (A non continuous verb)

My favorite singer is appearing at the concert tomorrow (A normal verb)


To have:

I have a yen now (Non continuous verb)

I am having dinner now (Normal verb)


Some English verbs are confusing in nature. Words like ‘to be’ is used to describe the temporary bad behavior of a person.




John is being very rude.

John is being very casual.


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