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Glossary :: Punctuation


Colon in the English Language


The colon is a punctuation mark used in the English language and in many other languages. Colon is represented by the symbol of ‘:’.


The main purpose of using the colon is to make the reader take a pause while reading and this is required very much in the event of using long sentences. It has other uses as well.


It is used before a word, phrase, or clause that extends or amplifies what is stated before it.




She did something very different this year: took to fashion designing and gave up her regular job.


What an unusual traveling experience: enchanting and thrilling at the same time.


It is placed after a formal greeting in correspondence.




Dear Daniel:


Colon is used to separate titles and subtitle of books and other publications.




The Beauty of One-Stoke Painting: Painting Classics

Timeless Classics: Children’s Fiction


It is used after the headings in memorandums.







It is used to express the time of day.




3:30 a.m

5:00 p.m


It is used to express proportions and ratios







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