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Glossary :: Punctuation


Apostrophe in the English Language


Apostrophe is a punctuation mark used in the English language and in many other languages. Apostrophe is represented by the symbol of  ’ or  '. 


Apostrophe in English Grammar is used in many ways:


It is used to denote possessives of nouns.




My sister borrowed James’s fiction book yesterday.

The cat’s tail had been injured in an accident.

Mary’s home had a lovely portico.


It is used to denote omission of letters or contractions. Contraction is shortening of the letters of a word, by using the apostrophe in place of those letters. Contractions are mostly used in informal writing and while speaking.




You shouldn’t have spoken to her in a rude way.

He won’t be coming anymore with this group.

She couldn’t complete her task yesterday.


It is used to denote plurals of letters, placed in lowercase. In this context, use of the apostrophe is more typographical than grammatical.




We saw birth of the flower power concept in the 1970’s.

Arnold got five A’s in his report card.


When using Apostrophe, it’s also important to be aware of areas in which it should not be used as this will lead to an erroneous grammar.


It should not be used with possessive pronouns because they already show possession.




His house is in the corner – Correct

His’s house is in the corner – Wrong


This book is yours – Correct

This book is your’s – Wrong 


A common mistake that people are seen to make is placing the Apostrophe is with ‘Its’. ‘It's’ is the short form of ‘it is’, while ‘its’ is a possessive pronoun.




The cricket association announced its decision today - Correct

The cricket association announced it’s decision today – Wrong


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