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Glossary :: Grammar




The basic function of adjective is to describe nouns; it is usually a word that serves a particular function in a sentence. We use adjectives to enrich our writing and enhance our sentences, making them more vivid and descriptive.


Suppose we want to write about a car in that case, adjectives enable us to create the vivid image of a shiny red car, a new car or a small car. The list of adjectives is endless, but here are some adjectives as an example: strong, beautiful, bright, fast, attractive, old and professional.


A new patent pending elite grammar software offers an access to an auto-updated database of hundreds of thousands of adjectives, in order to enrich your English writing, transforming your sentences rich, accurate and professional.


Moreover, it enables you to find synonyms for all of the adjectives in your English writing. In addition, this unique English writing tool proofreads your English writing and automatically checks for any grammar or spelling errors, suggests proper punctuation and offers an online translator.


The elite grammar software enables you to improve your English writing in seconds and enhance your business writing, creative writing, legal writing and medical writing.  


Its online dictionary enables you to learn about the meaning of adjective and to find positive adjectives, possessive adjectives, and all other types of adjectives. The embedded unique online translator enables you to find even French and Spanish adjectives, and adjectives in 15 additional languages! 


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