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The elite grammar software Executive Edition's writing, editing and grammar solution easily turns your English writing into professional, accurate, and rich for any purpose and for any audience, whether business, creative, legal, or medical―our Executive Edition covers it all.


When considering your valuable time, you’ll find this unique solution a cost-effective solution that not only saves you time and effort, but helps you to achieve your goals efficiently and successfully. You can rest assured that when you write an important e-mail to a potential business partner, a speech, a presentation, or an article, the elite executive grammar software will transform it into a professional, accurate, and rich text. By writing professional, rich, accurate English, you’ll impress your readers, who will perceive you as intelligent, professional, and creative.


Thanks to the elite executive grammar software's one-of-a-kind English writing solution and its smart, self-learning engine, you can eliminate annoying spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, as it automatically corrects your writing. Moreover, it will upgrade your writing skills, help you choose the right action verb, reduce repetition, and much more.


The Executive Edition provides you with business, legal, creative, and medical templates and tips, making it even easier for you to write documents such as business letters, business proposals, and business agreements for any purpose. With this professional writing solution, you won't spend extra time and money on writing courses or seminars.


By using the most unique writing software ever designed, you can significantly improve your writing, your writing skills, and even your spoken English. If you consider yourself a professional in your industry, make sure your English writing is professional as well.


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