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The elite grammar and business writing software is an unbeatable solution for anyone who seeks to write clear, professional, effective business-related text in any application (MS Office™, Outlook™, PDF™, Internet Explorer™, and other popular text based tools and applications). This unique software for writing business documents is perfect for anyone who desires to write professional and impressive business emails, business plans, presentations, case studies, Web content, and much more.


In our online communication world, good business depends on good communication; the way you write projects both your personal and your organization's image. Poor English writing says “unprofessional individual” and / or “unprofessional organization”; rich and professional English writing style can easily spell the difference between failure and success.


This professional writing solution not only corrects your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, it offers you a one-of-a-kind solution that easily enables you to write professional business text for any purpose. Moreover, it offers you a wide selection of tips and templates designed for any business writing purpose:



·         Email messages

·         Contracts

·         Resumes

·         Proposals

·         Formal business correspondence

·         Business plans reports

·         Manuals and User Guides

·         Case studies

·         Memos

·         Effective cover letter templates

·         Grant proposals

·         Thank you notes

·         Thank you letters

·         Press releases and newsletters

·         Employee references


Instead of expending valuable time and money on a business writing course or seminar, professional business English writing product such as the elite grammar software can easily save you time and money in a single click; moreover, your business writing skills will improve―immediately.


If you consider yourself a professional in your industry, make sure your English writing is professional as well - get the best business English writing and proofreading software today!


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