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Advanced Proofreading Software 


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By using this professional software for proofreading and grammar checking, you can be assured of enjoying the following benefits:

(1) Write English like a professional – easily enable your simple sentences to become sophisticated and professional, thereby raising the level of your English grammar and writing.

(2) Achieve your goals – Whether it’s business e-mail, an important speech, or applying for your dream job, each word and comma counts, especially when people who have never met you read your writing for the first time and thereupon have to make decisions about you. In order to effectively achieve your goals while communicating with others, it is essential to deliver the most professional, accurate, and impressive text possible.

(3) Save valuable time and money Why spend hundreds of dollars on dedicated writing and editing software, or on business writing seminars and courses? This elite proofreading and grammar software can do what they do (and more!) in a single click, so you no longer need to spend hours writing, checking, and rechecking your e-mails, reports, and other documents.

(4) Impress your environment When you write professional, rich, sophisticated English, you impress your friends, colleagues, customers, and business associates; it rapidly identifies you as an intelligent, professional, reputable person with whom to do business.

(5) Improve your spoken English - It doesn't matter whether you’re a native or non-native English speaker: One of the outstanding effects of using this grammar proofreading software is that it rapidly improves your speech, enabling you to speak better, more correct, richer English. Imagine how this could help you during an important conference call, for example, or while you deliver your speech or presentation to that critical audience.


If you are looking for the best professional grammar and

proofreading editor program, this tool is just what you need.

Easily proofread* any document from almost all text based programs in just a few mouse clicks.


No other writing tools or similar softwares provide you with so many benefits and features under one solution.


Here are only some remarkable features provided by this unbeatable application:



* Popular variations for Proofreading: proof read, proof reading,

   proof-read, proof-reading.

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